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  Wine Making Class

Do you enjoy wine? Ever wonder how this superb beverage is made? Would you like to make your own?  We can teach you everything you need to know to make your own wine starting from picking a kit you will enjoy all the way to bottling and labeling.

Classes are available any time at your convenience.

  • You purchase your first kit (price range $63.00 to $160.00) in addition to corks,
    shrink wraps and bottles (you can also use bottles you have recycled) and you
    will attend 3 classes.
  • In the first class you will get the wine started and we will go over information on
    the process of wine making.
  • Bake Bottle and Brew equipment will be used to ferment and bottle the wine.  We will watch over your wine as it ferments
  • The second class will occur about 2 weeks later when we will rack and clear the
    wine and add ingredients.
  • The Third class will be bottling, corking and labeling. This will be about 4-6 weeks
    after the first class depending on which kit you choose.
  • Each session will last about an hour.

The cost of the class and use of the equipment is $40. Each kit yields 30 bottles. When you sign up for the class you will pick out and purchase a wine kit that we will hold for you. This way we can ensure you will be able to make the wine you like.


For more information or to sign up for the class contact Jack at Bake Bottle and Brew (252)764-0403, email



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