Moving Along

Today we are closing the Caralina Home and Garden location and moving to front street in Downtown Swansboro. If all goes well we will be open by this weekend! Wine, Beer and gifts came in yesterday. Today more wine and beer, ice cream and pepisi. All Homebrew and wine making supplies will be in transport today. Should be ready tomorrow in the front street location.

Stop in and Visit

Plenty of Seating at Bake, Bottle & Brew

Hey there all you Highway 24 commuters! Do you see us on your way to or from work (or home)? Have you passed us by while getting in that long ride over the weekend? Have you seen our Espresso signs flapping in the wind on Highway 24 in Newport? If you answered yes but haven’t stopped in yet, please do – we have lots of goodies inside just waiting for you.

Did you know we carry a full line of locally roasted coffees? Brewed fresh everyday, its hot and ready to go when you stop in. We also have fresh baked goods and ice cream.

We have plenty of seating both indoors and out and yes, we offer free parking for your car, truck or bike.

Stop in and visit Bake, Bottle & Brew off Highway 24 in Newport – The coffee is ready! And while you’re here, ask us about home brewing or wine making. We carry all the supplies and ingredients you need to make that perfect bottle of wine or growler of beer. Cheers!

Bake Bottle & Brew off Highway 24 in Newport

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