Green Truck Coffee Website

In addition to our selection of wine making and beer making supplies, we’re adding a new line of premium coffees. We’re working with a local roaster out of Swansboro, NC. We’ll have “The freshest roast on the Crystal Coast”. We have sourced the best beans available in the world at the lowest possible price. All beans are dated so you know¬†when they were roasted. We’re happy to welcome Green Truck Coffee to the Bake Bottle and Brew family.

Currently offering:

  • Brazilian: A medium-bodied, mild, nutty flavors, low acid
  • Colombian: Well- balanced, full bodied, very aromatic and smooth
  • El Salvadoran: Estate grown from “Hill of the frogs” full bodied, sweet, smooth and complex
  • Ethiopian: Strong, Full Bodied, subtle floral notes with a strong finish
  • Guatemalan: light bodied, winey, mild smokiness, high acidity
  • Organic E. Timor: Indonesian bean. Full bodied, woody, mild bitterness with notes of cocoa.
  • Honduran Decaf: Naturally decaffeinated, medium bodied, mildly sweet. You can’t tell it’s decaf.